Eisenhower Expressway: Chicago I-290

Austin Boulevard Concept

While the interchanges at Harlem Avenue and Austin Boulevard would have right side ramps for a portion of their length, they would transition to the center, allowing the lanes to remain within the...

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Project Concepts Developed
During the spring of 2012, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) began presenting initial interchange concepts to community [...]
Why are left side ramps a safety concern?
At the beginning of the I-290 planning process, we conducted a detailed review of crashes along the I-290 corridor. The two highest concentrations of crashes in the westbound direction occur in the [...]
Study Area Extended
When the I-290 study began in the fall of 2009, the study area focused on the section of I-290 from Mannheim Road to Cicero Avenue. As the alternatives evaluation process advanced into round 2, [...]

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Public Meeting #3 Presentation, October 2013

Presented at the third round of public meetings on October 7 & 8, 2013, this presentation gave an overview of the study area and process, transportation needs as identified by stakeholders, and next steps in the study process.