Eisenhower Expressway: Chicago I-290

Noise Wall Forums to be held October 27, 28, 29

Learn about the I-290 noise analysis findings at 1 of 3 public forums. As part of the ongoing I-290 study, the Illinois Department of Transportation is hosting a special forum to discuss the...

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What are the Round 3 Findings to Date?
In addition to the development of geometry, more detailed engineering and environmental studies are underway to support the evaluation of the remaining alternatives. The findings from our technical [...]
Four Alternatives Advancing
After presenting the results of our Round 2 alternatives evaluation in the spring of 2012, the project team added two additional alternatives based upon stakeholder comments, and restarted the [...]
Why are left side ramps a safety concern?
At the beginning of the I-290 planning process, we conducted a detailed review of crashes along the I-290 corridor. The two highest concentrations of crashes in the westbound direction occur in the [...]

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Public Meeting #3 Presentation, October 2013

Presented at the third round of public meetings on October 7 & 8, 2013, this presentation gave an overview of the study area and process, transportation needs as identified by stakeholders, and next steps in the study process.